Episode 54: Pallab Chatterjee

About Pallab Chatterjee

Pallab Chatterjee

Dr. Pallab Chatterjee is an internationally recognized high-tech executive with experience in Corporate General Management, Corporate Governance, Private Equity, Strategy, Technology, Operations, and Outsourcing.

Dr. Chatterjee Is currently Chairman of 3 Lines VC. 3Lines is a boutique VC firm specializing in investments in AI focused companies in US and India. Currently there are 20 companies in the 3 Lines portfolio with a total revenue of $350M.

Most recently Dr. Chatterjee retired from Symphony Retail AI where he was CEO and built the company from $50M to $150M focused on customer intelligence and supply chain solutions for the Grocery industry. He pioneered AI intelligent system CINDE that used conversational insights to deliver powerful root cause insights and predictive/prescriptive actions for grocery retail.

Prior to Symphony Retail, Dr. Chatterjee was a Managing Director and Operating Partner of Symphony Technology Group, a strategic private equity firm that invests and partners in building great software and services company, growing companies not only with capital, but innovation. He was involved in a portfolio of software companies that had near Billion dollar exits with 4-6x return on equity.

Prior to STG, Dr. Chatterjee was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of i2 Technologies, Inc. Under his leadership, i2 launched a new sales execution model coupled with new services lines for the company’s Total Supply Chain Management approach that yielded significant growth for i2. Prior to assuming the CEO role, Dr. Chatterjee was President Solutions Operations at i2. As President of i2's Solutions Operations, Dr. Chatterjee was responsible for product development, product marketing, and delivery of i2 Technologies' supply chain management solutions.

Prior to i2, Dr. Chatterjee spent 24 years at Texas Instruments in various executive management positions. Under his leadership as senior vice president of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, the Texas Instruments Technology Labs became known as a standard for excellence acknowledged by both academia and industry. He led a Manufacturing Excellence team at TI across 21 factories worldwide and delivered over 1Billion dollars in productivity improvements. As President of TI’s Notebook and Calculator Business TI became the leader in Educational products. He was Global CIO of Texas Instruments and led a SAP and i2 implementation across 56 countries.

A TI senior fellow in 1985, an IEEE fellow in 1986, Dr. Chatterjee received the IEEE J. J. Ebers award in 1986 and was elected to the National Academy of Engineers in 1997. He has been awarded numerous patents and written several hundred publications on the high technology industry.

Dr. Chatterjee earned a BS in electronics and communication engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India where he was awarded the President of India Gold Medal for curricular excellence and the B.C. Roy Memorial Gold Medal for extracurricular excellence. He received his master's and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois.

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Pallab Chatterjee, a visionary entrepreneur and technology expert. Pallab is currently the chairman of 3Lines VC, a boutique VC firm specializing in investments in AI-focused companies in the US and India. Pallab shares his journey from running a research lab at Texas Instruments to becoming the CEO of IT Technologies and Symphony Retail AI. Mik and Pallab discuss the TI-84 and TI-86 calculators, which Pallab helped bring to market, and how they revolutionized the industry. They discuss the importance of understanding waste and its impact on organizational capacity and the role of finance in driving digital transformation.

Mik and Pallab also discuss the importance of actionable visibility and the challenges of implementing predictive and prescriptive models in organizations.

Key discussions include:

  • The story behind the Ti 84 and Ti 86 calculators
  • Understanding waste and its impact on organizational capacity
  • The role of finance in driving digital transformation
  • The role of AI and digital disruption in shaping the future of work
  • Advice for organizations looking to embrace digital transformation
  • The PDCA cycle and the importance of actionable visibility
  • The challenges of implementing predictive and prescriptive models in organizations
  • Understanding waste and rework cycles in software organizations
  • The need for a metadata layer to operate on an enterprise relational database
  • How organizations can avoid stagnation or falling behind
  • The importance of customer-centricity and quantifying pain levels

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