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Flow Framework Community

The Flow Framework provides the blueprint for implementing Value Stream Management (VSM), connecting IT and the business, and transforming your organization into a high-performing tech company. Join the community and connect with business and technology leaders seeking to develop expertise in Value Stream Management, Flow Metrics, and the Flow Framework.

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Explore a new framework that spans the language of business and technology

Mastering large-scale software delivery is no longer an option. The gap between modern technical practices and the traditional business organizational paradigm has widened. A new approach is needed for the majority of the world’s organizations to thrive. The Flow Framework, created by Dr. Mik Kersten, addresses the pivotal challenge to crack open the engineering and business black boxes, define a common language to bridge the gap between business and technology, and optimize the flow of business value to customers.

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“As startups disrupt every market and tech giants pull further ahead of entrenched businesses, the majority of enterprise IT organizations are facing an existential crisis. Either they quickly become much better at software delivery, or they risk becoming a digital relic.”

Dr. Mik Kersten

Chief Technology Officer, Planview


Are you looking for an introduction to Value Stream Management, the Flow Framework, and Flow Metrics? Get started here.

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Join the global Flow Framework Community and ask experts for advice or share your own. Gain access to exclusive members-only training, events, and other resources. Whether you’re already a Flow Framework expert or just starting to explore, the community can support you in your journey.

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Develop the knowledge to deliver high-quality software, connected to business outcomes. Learn about resources that can help you develop expertise in Flow Metrics, Value Stream Management, and the Flow Framework.

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Accelerate your Flow Framework implementation using Planview Viz and Planview Hub. The products plug into your organization and sit on top of the tools you’ve already chosen to get work done.

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