The Prescriptive Plan for Value Stream Management

The Flow Framework® is a structured, prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management in software delivery organizations. It identifies where work slows down so that bottlenecks can be addressed and equips technology leaders to effectively communicate with business stakeholders when setting priorities and measuring outcomes.
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Join the Flow Framework Community

The Flow Framework Community provides a professional, inclusive and supportive environment for learning, questioning, and networking on all topics related to the Flow Framework, Flow Metrics and value stream management (VSM). Via a private Slack workspace, community members will have exclusive access to:
  • Flow Experts and certified Flow Framework professionals specialized in the execution of the Flow Framework and other value stream management practices
  • Public and private slack channels for questions and resources specific to roles and levels of adoption around value stream management and the concepts of flow
  • Networking opportunities with professionals from other enterprises in the process of implementing the Flow Framework and Flow Metrics

A New Framework That Spans the Language of Business and Technology

Mastering large-scale software delivery is no longer an option. The gap between modern technical practices and the traditional business organizational paradigm has widened. A new approach is needed for the majority of the world’s organizations to thrive.

The Flow Framework®, created by Dr. Mik Kersten, addresses the pivotal challenge to crack open the engineering and business black boxes, define a common language to bridge the gap between business and technology and optimize the flow of business value to customers.

“As startups disrupt every market and tech giants pull further ahead of entrenched businesses, the majority of enterprise IT organizations are facing an existential crisis. Either they quickly become much better at software delivery, or they risk becoming a digital relic.”

— Dr. Mik Kersten

Start Learning with the Flow Institute

The Flow Institute provides a range of learning options for people that want to learn more about Value Stream Management and the Flow Framework®.


Introduction to Flow Metrics

Length: 40 mins

This course introduces the Flow Metrics, providing a deep dive into what they are and why you need them.


The Flow Framework and Product Value Streams

Length: 20 mins

This course teaches you how to apply the Flow Framework to measure your product value streams.


Individualized Value Stream Management Consulting Session

This free one-hour consulting session is an opportunity for you to successfully identify and map the value streams in your organization.

Length: 1 hour

For Leadership


Dr. Mik Kersten introduces your team to the Flow Framework® as a new approach to managing the project to product transition within an organization.

Length: 2 hours

What People are Saying

Project To Product book

Get the book that introduced the Flow Framework

The Flow Framework was first introduced in Project to Product, the best-selling book by Dr. Mik Kersten. Visit the Project to Product site to learn about the book and listen to Mik’s podcast, Mik + One, where he speaks with industry experts to discuss their ups, downs and learnings as they go through their transformation journeys.

Implement the Flow Framework

Many software organizations have benefited from utilizing the Flow Framework to execute their Value Stream management efforts. If you’re looking to get started with a Flow Framework implementation, the Tasktop Flow Team can help you understand what you’ll need to get started. Visit the Tasktop site and get connected with one of our experts.

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