Episode 20: Justin Watts

About Justin Watts

Justin Watts

Justin is the Director of Agile Change at Lloyds Banking group, one of the UK’s big 4 banks. He is a qualified and experienced change professional with vast hands on knowledge and experience of implementing methodologies and change programs.

Justin started working life in manufacturing as a production manager and later became an internal consultant with his company, leading a team across a multi-national Lean Transformation in Europe for SCA, (D.S Smith).

His current interests are in combining professional academic influences with new technologies and social work systems, to provide better software, faster, at lower cost. Justin is an Executive leader who is able to articulate and educate the benefits of transformation approaches at all levels in an organisation, and is a key influencer in driving and leading change.

Aside from professional Agile certifications, SAFe 4 SPC and Less scaled practitioner, Justin holds a distinction at M.Sc. in Lean Enterprise from Cardiff University, an M.Sc. in Business Research from Buckingham University where he was an honorary research fellow, and is currently studying for a PhD. Justin's research is based on the introduction of agile at scale into financial services and designing effective social structures to enable the change.

Justin is a keen triathlete and participates in ironman events and coaches his son in the British youth and junior super series.

About this episode

Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is Justin Watts, Director of Agile Change at Lloyd Banking Group one of the UK’s Big Four banks. In this episode, Mik and Justin discuss:

  • Redesigning software systems around flow to the customer instead of process
  • Respecting the laws of physics when accelerating flow across value streams
  • Importance of doing the right things wrong, rather than wrong things right
  • Identifying leading indicators to track and improve lagging measures
  • How the economies of flows outweigh the economies of scale

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