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About the Flow Framework Partner Program

The Flow Framework Partner Program provides you with everything you need to baseline and rebalance your customers’ IT portfolios to adapt quickly to the increasing pace of economic and market change. Leverage the pioneering Flow Framework and Tasktop’s marketing-leading Value Stream Management (VSM) platform to visually measure, track, scale, and guide your customers’ continuous journeys.

  • Deliver VSM success: Harness the Flow Framework – the only prescriptive way to visualize and measure product value streams – to facilitate project to product thinking and support transition
  • Grow consulting services: Find the value stream bottlenecks, implement and track improvements, repeat and scale
  • Measure and prove your value: Use Flow Metrics to demonstrate client gains and impact of your services
  • Competitive differentiation: Go beyond Agile and DevOps consulting to build up VSM practice and close the feedback loop between IT and the business

Why become a Partner?

The Flow Framework is yielding great success at some of the largest and most impactful organizations.

  • A leading U.S. healthcare leader doubling its feature velocity
  • A telecom giant changing its outsourcing strategy to negotiate better terms with its service partners
  • An online investment firm discovering a system bottleneck impeding digital channel innovation

Whether you’re a smaller company, independent consultant, a platform partner, or a global services organization, we can enable you to help your customers meet business outcomes better and sooner. If your customers don’t know what’s slowing their software delivery down or why their Agile and DevOps transformations are hitting a wall, the Flow Framework Partner Program is for you.

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