Episode 49: Brendan Hopper

About Brendan Hopper

Brendan Hopper

Brendan Hopper is the Commonwealth Bank Group CIO for Technology, responsible for ensuring that the Bank has a world-leading IT engineering capability, and that we make the right technology investments and decisions so that technology becomes an accelerator, not a disruptor, for us and our customers.

Prior to this role, Brendan was the General Manager of CBA's Cyber Security Centre, working around the clock to actively defend customers and vital bank infrastructure from cyber threats, and is a co-founder of "Sec.EDU", CBA's industry partnership with UNSW and other universities to grow cyber education in Australia since 2015.

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Brendan Hopper, the CIO for technology at Commonwealth Bank Group. He is responsible for ensuring the bank has a world leading IT engineering capability and is making the right technology investments and decisions. Brendan shares what drives his passion for driving innovation and flow at organizations and why technology should become an accelerator, not a disruptor for organizations and their customers.

In this episode, Mik and Brendan also discuss org structure and the core principle that to be evolutionary means focusing on small increments and not just major redesigns.

Key discussions include:

  • Brendan’s professional journey in strategy and engineering
  • How velocity can drive safety
  • Building technology that real people delight in
  • Creating a transformation network that is course correcting
  • Lessons Brendan has learned in shifting from project to product
  • The need for feedback cycles in transformation
  • Understanding data that bottlenecks at the value stream level and the organization level.
  • Restoring and repairing organizational design
  • Why org structure has to continually change
  • Moving teams between value streams when roadmapping what is next
  • What Brendan is focused on today

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