The Flow Framework and Product Value Streams

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Course Summary

Length: 42 mins

This course provides an overview of how to start measuring your product value streams. Whether you have established product value streams or are just getting started, this course covers some of the key concepts from the Flow Framework and how they can be applied in your organization. Participants will learn how to abstract data in order to calculate the flow metrics, and learn from organizations that have already started the journey.

This course is provided on-demand and includes video lessons by Flow Experts and in-course quizzes. Login details will be provided within 24 hours of registration.

Flow Expert Laksh Ranganathan

About Instructor

With more than 18 years in IT, spanning across engineering, project/product management and consulting, Laksh Ranganathan is passionate about a data-driven approach to continuous improvement and leveraging data to make customer-centric products. At Tasktop, Laksh works as Senior Flow Advisor, coaching customers on value stream management, business agility, value stream integrations and the Flow Framework®. Most recently she has been helping large organizations take their first steps toward a project to product transformation. 

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