Digital Change Agents Roundtable hosted by Kate Chajka & Richard Moir

December 2nd, 2021 at 2 p.m GMT

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Event Summary

Length: 1 hour 30 mins

A special forum for the change agents driving transformation within their organizations

Anyone who has successfully championed transformation initiatives within a large enterprise can tell you it wasn’t easy. Technical and digital skills can go a long way in influencing decision-making, but the most effective change agents are skilled at storytelling, relationship building and expanding their sphere of influence. If you’re on this journey and are looking to network with others who are navigating dynamics to drive change within a large organization, this roundtable is for you.

The Flow Institute is dedicated to helping transformation practitioners lead dialogue connecting the value of software delivery with business outcomes. Hosted by Tasktop’s Senior Flow Advisor, Kate Chajka, and Richard Moir, COO of Transformation & Tech at Lloyds Banking Group, this confidential and interactive session includes open discussion and peer exchange to help equip attendees with a framework for inspiring enterprise-wide transformation.

Key discussion points include:

  • Common internal roadblocks faced by digital change agents and strategies for overcoming them
  • Becoming a better storyteller to garner buy-in and support from senior executives
  • How Flow Metrics are a secret weapon in measuring and articulating the flow of value and correlating to business outcomes
  • Peer success stories and challenges

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Kate Chajka

About Katharine Chajka

Katharine Chajka is a Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop, shaping the evolution of Value Stream Management, and consulting with customers on their project to product transformations to accelerate the ability to deliver value. Katharine’s background in Computer Science/Engineering, Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Cost Accounting, Project Management, and large scale system of system development lead to a passion for helping teams and organizations adopt a flow mindset, increase their value delivery, decrease waste while not limiting their ability to increase throughput while creating a win-win-win situation. Happy customers, happy teams, and happy business. Katharine has taught and coached 1000s of people across all levels of large organizations on how to pragmatically apply lean-agile and DevOps techniques and helped get them in place to see significant improvements quickly.

About Richard Moir

Richard is the Head of Business Agility for Retail Banking Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group, one of the UK’s big four banks. He is an experienced change professional with hands on knowledge and experience of implementing methodologies, change and transformation programmes. Having completed a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering Richard delayed working life by joining the British Army and serving as a commissioned officer. After leaving the military he took on programme delivery roles in a UK public sector organisation followed by a global IT company. This lead him to become a Vanguard Consultant, working with a wide variety of Corporate and Public Sector organisations. Having worked with Lloyds Banking Group as a Vanguard Consultant, Richard seized an opportunity to join the Group which enabled him to again experience the challenges of operating within a large corporate organisation, but to once again assume a leadership role.  His time in the Group has also allowed him to develop his interest in combining relevant theories with new technologies and social work systems to provide improved outcomes for customers, the business and colleagues in the Group.

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