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Welcome to the Flow Institute, the premier spot for understanding and applying the ideas of flow to your business transformation. Join the Flow Institute community to gain real-world, practical knowledge, skills and the latest thinking about flow metrics. The Flow Institute is designed for enterprise business and IT leaders seeking to develop specific expertise in flow metrics, value stream management and the Flow Framework.®

Upcoming Interactive and Custom Sessions



Learn about Flow and how to use value stream management to achieve your transformation goals.

Length: 90 minutes

For Leadership

For Leadership


Dr. Mik Kersten introduces your team to the Flow Framework® as a new approach to managing the project to product transition within an organization.

Length: 2 hours

Flow Framework Courses

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Analytics and Reporting

Tasktop Flow Framework Essentials

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Flow Framework Professional

Tasktop Flow Framework Professional Certification

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Outside The Box

Go #OutsideTheBox

n this #OutsideTheBox vlog series, Tasktop Strategic Transformation Advisor, Danny Presten, reminds us that oftentimes the most creative solutions find their beginnings when you step away from the desk.

Watch the full series on YouTube.

Starting your Journey from Project to Product

Functioning in silos instead of cross-functional value streams, funding scope/projects instead of capacity, leadership collecting metrics on utilization instead of value delivered – many organizations are realizing that their current ways of organizing aren’t enough to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. While they know they need to change, there’s not a lot of practical advice readily available that explains how to start the change from project to product from within. Here are a few tips and pointers to get you on the right track.

the flow framework community

Join the Flow Framework Community

This private Slack workspace provides members with exclusive access to Flow Experts and certified Flow Framework professionals specialized in the execution of the Flow Framework and other value stream management practices. Network with professionals from other enterprises who are also in a transformation process or have interest in the Flow Framework and Flow Metrics.

Learn about the book that introduced the Flow Framework

Dr. Mik Kersten’s best selling book, Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework, has been the catalyst for change for many organizations going through digital transformations. Visit the official Project to Product site to learn about the book and to listen to Mik’s podcast, Mik + One, where he sits down with industry experts to discuss what it’s like to go through a transformation journey.

Project To Product book

Core concepts of Flow Institute are:

  • Recognition of the complicated ecosystem of software development and business goals
  • Ongoing reflection and input about the impact of product-based thinking in the structure and programming from the diverse points of view of our participants
  • Fostering and maintaining mentoring relationships between experienced innovators and those new to the project to product movement and the Flow Framework, as well as early career professionals through shared experiences 
  • Creating an online network for questioning, collaborating and providing the support needed for successful digital transformations
  • Recognition of research indicating that exposure to a diversity of perspectives have positive impacts on innovation
  • Harnessing our rapidly evolving understanding of value stream management and product thinking to influence the software development process in concert with business needs


Explore this curated list of resources to learn about the Flow Framework and value stream management.


Flow Framework poster download

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data driven vsm
Data-Driven Value Stream Management

Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

measuring safe transformation ebook



ebook business guide

Flow Metrics: A Business Leader’s Guide to Measuring What Matters in Software Delivery

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7 Ways to Ensure Success When Shifting from Project to Product-Based Software Delivery
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Story Points and Flow Metrics
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