Episode 42: Manuel Pais

About Manuel Pais

Manuel Pais


Manuel Pais is co-author of the book “Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow“.

Manuel started the Team Topologies Academy to help organizations scale learning around modern team dynamics and fast flow. Recognized by TechBeacon as a DevOps thought leader, Manuel is an independent IT organizational consultant and trainer, focused on team interactions, delivery practices and accelerating flow.

Manuel is also a LinkedIn instructor on accelerating Continuous Delivery in the enterprise and Co-founder of DevOps Lisbon meetup (over 4k members).

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Manuel Pais, co-author of Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow.

In this episode, Mik and Manuel discuss some of the key themes in Team Topologies, as well as other topics including:

  • Manuel's learnings and key tips on how to effectively manage team collaboration in the shift to remote-first and hybrid working
  • The relationship between the ideas behind the Flow Framework and Team Topologies
  • Advice on how to set up value streams to enable and improve team flow and capacity when delivering digital experiences
  • Implementing a reorganization and advice to leaders on how to approach this, and why it’s important to understand, implement and evolve the team topology
  • Treating platforms as products and the importance of investing in platform teams to manage cognitive load and provide greater value to customers

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