Episode 51: Carol Houle

About Carol Houle

 Carol Houle

Carol Houle is a builder and renovator of strategic businesses for companies seeking to focus on holistic digital transformations. For over 20 plus years Carol has demonstrated the proven ability to build organizations with modern digital capabilities. She is knowns as a connector of people and concepts to solve complex business problems while building new digital business models. Carol is currently the Senior Vice President of Global Head of Financial Services & Insurance at Atos.

In her personal life, she is a practitioner of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, and some of those principles come up in our conversation throughout the podcast.

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Carol Houle, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance at Atos. With over two decades of experience in building and renovating businesses seeking to focus on strategic digital transformations, Carol shares success stories and challenging lessons she has learned in her professional journey. Carol and Mik talk about the complexities of agile transformation, and the role that education can play in optimizing value streams.

Mik and Carol also have a transformative discussion about how the shift from project to product is actually a shift of mindset, and for a shift of mindset to occur acknowledgment from a higher place within individuals, and fundamentally within the organization, is crucial.

Key discussions include:

  • Carol’s background and history in the industry
  • Improving technology in the last decade
  • What is agile transformation?
  • How to measure improvement and maintain autonomy
  • The need for shifting mindsets and education
  • Special focus sessions for executives and how they can be utilized
  • The value of servant leadership and empowerment
  • Setting up systems that include feedback loops to create a sense of control
  • Instrumentation of business value to connect to your business strategy
  • Why digital transformation is the vehicle for building relationships

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