Episode 6: Sam Guckenheimer

About Sam Guckenheimer

Sam Guckenheimer


Sam Guckenheimer is the Product Owner for the Azure DevOps. In this capacity, he acts as the chief customer advocate, responsible for strategy of the next releases of these products, focusing on DevOps, Agile and CI/CD Pipelines.

Sam curates the website, DevOps at Microsoft. He is a regular speaker and has keynoted at many conferences including DevOps Enterprise Summit and Agile. He is the author of four books, most recently Journey to Cloud CadenceVisual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: Adopting Agile Software Practices: From Backlog to Continuous Feedback. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, Sam was Director of Product Line Strategy at Rational Software Corporation, now the Rational Division of IBM.

Sam lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children in a sustainable house they built that has been featured in Houzz.

Über diese Episode

In der sechsten Folge von Mik + One ist Sam Guckenheimer zu Gast, Product Owner für Azure DevOps bei Microsoft, regelmäßiger Keynote-Sprecher bei branchenweiten Veranstaltungen und Autor von vier fantastischen Büchern.

In this episode, Mik and Sam discuss:

  • How the current situation parallels to previous installation and deployment periods, and the patterns organizations can implement to leverage and survive the Turning Point
  • The importance of looking at investments in terms of core versus context, to better understand where the business needs to focus
  • The importance of flexibility and business agility, in order to reduce technical debt and optimize the end-to-end idea
  • Flow Metrics, and how they can help organizations to better understand end-to-end flow and optimize business outcomes
  • Viewing regulations as constraints of doing business, as opposed to objectives, and acting customer-focused in a compliant way to deliver quality products and services

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