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Understanding Flow Metrics

Flow Metrics help to measure the rate of value delivery through your value stream – from start to finish. They help establish a common language between IT and the business. And the are used to continuously optimize software delivery and focus on real bottlenecks.

In this video you will start to understand the importance of Flow Metrics within your organization and how they are measured.

Flow Metrics e-book

Download your copy of Flow Metrics: A Business Leader’s Guide to Measuring What Matters in Software Delivery.

The Flow MetricsFlow Velocity, Flow Efficiency, Flow Time, Flow Load and Flow Distribution—are a window into the enigmatic world of software delivery. These business-centric metrics provide a common language between business and IT so that you can make collaborative decisions around software delivery to achieve innovation velocity.

Use this guide to:

  • Measure what matters in software delivery
  • Make your transformational efforts count
  • Rapidly create new products and services that align with your customer needs and your business’ long term vision