Value Stream Management Workshop

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Course Summary

Length: 90 minutes
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Value Stream Management (VSM) is a systematic approach to measuring and improving flow from customer request to delivery, and it’s gaining traction among organizations seeking to secure their ability to sustain market leadership.

To help organizations prove and measure the ROI of their transformation initiatives, we’re offering complimentary value stream management workshops.  Participants learn from VSM experts about the concepts of flow and how to champion VSM within their organization to empower teams, achieve process excellence, improve performance and deliver better results.

After attending this workshop, participants can:

  • Identify and measure value creation across your software portfolio
  • Analyze a baseline of your software delivery performance using Flow Metrics
  • Utilize VSM to increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve time-to-market

Previous Attendee Feedback:
“Great session and great tool. Looking forward to talking again!”
“Great workshop and facilitation! Glad I joined!”
“Thank you. I learned something new today!”

“Thank you very much for this great workshop and step-by-step walkthrough”

About The Instructors

Flow Expert Brian Ashcraft

Brian Ashcraft is a Director of Knowledge and Education at Tasktop, and is responsible for customer success initiatives including managing the training program. What Brian enjoys most at Tasktop is working side-by-side with companies in the initial phases of product discovery and evaluation by providing hands on training and self-serve content. Brian has over 10 years of experience delivering software solutions in the Project, Process, Product, and Portfolio Management areas.

Flow Expert Lee Reid

Lee Reid is a Sr. Value Stream Architect with Tasktop. Lee has over 25 years of experience in a variety of software development and lean transformation roles at two startup firms, two large firms, and one higher education institution. His experience ranges from software development in both waterfall and agile teams to leading IT and continuous improvement efforts. Lee has career certifications including TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect,The Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist, Lean Facilitator, and is a co-inventor of four US patents.

Each VSM Workshop will also be joined by a Flow Expert from Tasktop’s Flow Team. Experts Include:
Flow Expert Carmen DeArdo
Flow Expert Dominica DeGrandis
Paninya Masrangsan
Tom Wojtusik

Carmen DeArdo
Principal Flow Advisor

Dominica DeGrandis
Principal Flow Advisor

Paninya Masrangsan
Senior Flow Advisor

Tom Wojusik
Flow Account Manager

Danny Presten Tasktop Strategic Transformation Advisor
Katharine Chajka Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop
Chris Gallivan Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop
Drew Boyer Principle Flow Advisor

Danny Presten
Senior Value Stream Architect

Katharine Chajka
Principal Flow Advisor

Chris Gallivan
Principal Flow Advisor

Drew Boyer
Principal Flow Advisor

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