How to Become a Flow Ambassador

The Flow Framework® Community features a global network of industry professionals who connect, learn and engage online with the shared purpose to build relationships and expand their knowledge of Value Stream Management, Flow Metrics and the Flow Framework®. Flow Ambassadors are the stewards of this movement, investing in and shaping its future.
Flow Ambassador Badge

Who are the Flow Ambassadors?

Our Flow Ambassadors advocate for the success of each member in our community by sharing their knowledge and expertise generously in order to spread the message of end-to-end value stream flow and its correlation to business outcomes. They are industry professionals practicing the principles of value stream management and flow metrics, and are active in our community.

What constitutes a qualified Flow Ambassador candidate?

They are servant leaders who:

  • Connect: They are intrinsically motivated to support other members through networking and knowledge-sharing.
  • Advocate: They are eager to partner with the Community Manager to drive competency and comprehension of VSM and the Flow Framework®.
  • Mentor: They have time to respond regularly to questions, speak at events and foster engagement in the Flow Framework® Community.

What are the commitment criteria for being a Flow Ambassador?

  • A one year commitment of maintaining a certain level of activity, and those who do not may be retired from the program (though the door is always open to return!)
  • Complete our Flow Essentials Course
  • Actively participate in one of the following ways as a Flow Ambassador (we understand not everyone will want to participate in the same capacity):


A strong events Ambassador candidate is a passionate evangelizer of VSM, Flow Metrics and the Flow Framework, and is ready to commit to:

  • Speaking at virtual events — a minimum of 4 per year. Partnering with other Ambassadors is accepted and encouraged.
  • Promoting upcoming events to their networks, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


A strong online Ambassador candidate has actively been participating in the Flow Framework® Community and demonstrates:

  • A consistent effort to accurately answer questions, post articles about best practices and start thoughtful discussions.
  • A proper tone that is empathetic, genuine and helpful.
  • A desire to welcome new members, celebrate accomplishments and create a space that encourages other people to keep coming back.

Flow Ambassador FAQ

Are there any prerequisites to becoming a Flow Ambassador?

For both Slack/Online candidates and Event candidates, you must have a minimum of 3+ years of experience practicing the principles of value stream management and Flow Metrics.

For a Slack/Online candidate, we need to see at least 3 months' worth of consistent activity (think: 1-2 posts/week, in addition to commenting on threads and welcoming new members).

For an Event candidate, attend at least 3 Flow Framework® Community events in order to get an idea of what we expect, as well as have a comprehensive idea about future sessions you’re interested in leading. A strong events Ambassador candidate is a passionate evangelizer of VSM, Flow Metrics and the Flow Framework®.

What are the requirements for those accepted into the program?

Once a candidate has satisfied the prerequisite requirements, filled out the Flow Ambassador Application and has been accepted into the program, we ask that they maintain key activity thresholds, as well as complete one of our Flow Framework courses.

For both Slack/Online candidates and Event candidates participating in our program, you will need to complete our Flow Essentials Course.

This 1-hour course is an introduction to the Flow Framework and will provide consistent language and definitions of terms when communicating as an ambassador.

  • Flow Framework Overview
  • Value Stream Metrics
  • Product Model
  • Activity Model
  • Integration Model
Objective: At the end of this course students will learn how to
  • Articulate the purpose of the Flow Framework
  • Describe the Flow Framework diagram top to bottom
  • Use Flow Metrics to measure Flow
  • Specify how the modeling layers function to measure and improve flow

Activity threshold for Slack/Online Ambassadors:

  • Provide 2 original posts/week
  • Consistently answer questions, welcome new members and contribute quality content such as blog posts and articles that are considered helpful to the overall community learning.

Activity threshold for Event Ambassadors:

  • Lead 4 virtual events per year. Partnering with other Ambassadors is accepted and encouraged.
  • Promote upcoming events on your networks, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Welcome in new members and answer questions as needed
Ambassador Guidelines for posting and events:
  • The Flow Framework is a thought leader community where industry leaders and peers can connect, share best practices and learn from one another. For this reason, we ask that you not promote your products or services within the group, this includes posting about external events that are not for the benefit of the group; i.e. selling.
  • Avoid abrasive language and tone. We want to drive open dialogue and create a welcoming environment for members to participate in.
Ambassador Perks include:
  • A dedicated Community Manager to help support and guide our team as we grow and realize our potential to further the movement of VSM and the Flow Framework (a blueprint for seeing, measuring and managing software delivery).
  • Access to a private Slack channel with fellow Flow Ambassadors for the purpose of collaborating and sharing best practices.
  • Flow Ambassador Badge for visibility on your LinkedIn profile
  • Opportunities to present at our virtual community events, which includes the creation of promotional materials and marketing as well.

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