Episode 5: Shelley Perry

About Shelley Perry

Shelley Perry


Shelley Perry is currently Managing Partner & Founder of ScaleLogix, a boutique Advisory Group that specializes in the intersection between the ScaleUp C-Suite and Investment Partners.

Formerly, from 2016-2019 she was an Operating Partner at Insight Partners. Shelley is a technology evangelist, innovator, product strategist, and C-level advisor with over 20 years of experience growing IaaS and SaaS organizations, across both start-up and public companies.

Shelley has a passion for growth stage scaling and turn-arounds, as a self-proclaimed 'ScaleUp Addict'.

About this episode

In this episode of Mik + One, Mik’s guest is Shelley Perry, Managing Partner & Founder of ScaleLogix, who has immense experience setting tech companies up for success.

The goal of ‘Project to Product’ is to help organizations prepare for the Turning Point in the Age of Software. As the world experiences an economic fallout triggered by COVID-19, it is key that organizations move quickly to adapt.

In this episode, Mik and Shelley cover:

  • Advice to organizations on how they can survive and thrive at a business level during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The importance of traditional enterprises leveraging technology to provide business value and navigate the pace of change amongst the economic environment
  • The power of bridging communication between technologists and business leaders to make better, more informed decisions that achieve objectives and bring value to customers
  • Examples of successful tech giants who understand their customers and are leveraging data to react faster to changes
  • How business leaders should think and act about the uncertainty ahead, and how it differs from past economic downfalls and recessions

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