Episode 45: Jean-Michel Lemieux

About Jean-Michel Lemieux



Jean-Michel has worked in tech for 27 years, building software and then building teams and companies.

A software developer, Jean-Michel has built and led teams of 1 to 3,000 and was a founding member on the Eclipse platform and open source team, and then led the engineering orgs at Atlassian and Shopify.

Community and education are big passions and Jean-Michel co-founded Canadian Tech @ Scale which brings together tech leaders from across Canada and founded DevDegree.ca which is an accredited work-integrated computer science degree unlike any other.

Outside of writing, Jean-Michel is also working as an LP and advisor with Generation IM and advisor/board with a few companies: BuildKite, AlayaCare, Search.io, Omaze, BenchSci, Avant Art, Govalo.



About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Jean-Michel Lemieux, author, investor, advisor, and former CTO and SVP of Engineering at Shopify.

In this episode, Mik and Jean-Michel discuss a wide range of topics around engineering, architecture, scale, organizational design, and flow. Key discussions include:

  • How Lemieux approached his role at Shopify, and insights into some of the actions he took to turn Shopify into a platform to create business value
  • The importance of identifying the type of work you’re doing in order to innovate and improve the velocity of your software evolution
  • Structuring teams to ensure developer happiness, productivity, and success
  • The importance of feedback loops and viewing platform as a product
  • How to make an economic case to CEOs on why leadership needs to recognize digital platforms as important economic assets and investments

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