Episode 53: George Kadifa

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is technology visionary George Kadifa to discuss generative AI and its potential impact on the tech industry. George discusses how generative AI has changed the conversation with machines, allowing them to generate new content, code, images, and videos in a multi-modal fashion. This development is expected to be even bigger than all the previous tech transformations combined. George Kadifa has a long history of predicting tech trends and capitalizing on them. He believes that generative AI is set to revolutionize the scientific method by being able to comprehend complex situations with billions of parameters, which could have huge implications for medicine and other areas of science.

Mik and George also discuss how the development of deep learning has led to a shift from workflow-based software to information-based software, with the ability to create predictive and generative capabilities.

Key discussions include:

  • The Impact of Generative AI on the Technology and Enterprise Landscape
  • Generative AI and its Implications for the Creative Industry
  • The Impact of AI on the Future of Technology and Workflows
  • The Potential of AI to Transform Software Development
  • The Benefits of Value Stream Management and AI for Improved Productivity
  • The Power of Data in Generative AI
  • Workflow Automation and Insight-Driven Analytics on Business Processes
  • The Increase in Complexity of Software Development
  • Interplay Between Cloud Vendors and AI Model Development
  • The Future of Language Modeling and Information Protection

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