Episode 34: Courtney Kissler

About Courtney Kissler

Courtney Kissler


Courtney Kissler joined Zulily in January 2021 as CTO and SVP of Technology. Previously she was Vice President Global Technology at Nike accountable for building a re-usable seamless platform to power Nike Direct to Consumer experiences, core commerce services, user services, consumer data engineering and global retail solutions. She also led the Global Supply Chain, Fulfillment and Logistics teams worldwide and was driving transformation across the supply chain ecosystem.

Prior to that, Courtney was the VP of Retail Technology at Starbucks where she led global POS and retail store technology experiences. Courtney spent 14 years at Nordstrom, starting in infrastructure and security, moving into delivery leadership roles with her last role being the Vice President of E-Commerce and Store technologies where she drove a technological transformation essential for outpacing the demands of today’s Omnichannel consumers.

In all 3 organizations, Courtney drove transformation in ways of working, moving to more outcome-based delivery of technology using modern practices, including DevOps. Courtney brings diverse technology experience from startups, CyberSafe and WorldStream Communications, to beloved global brands.

About this episode

Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Courtney Kissler, Chief Technology Officer at online retailer, Zulily.

In this episode, Mik and Courtney talk about Courtney's experience in driving technological transformations and cover many key topics such as:

  • Courtney’s journey within DevOps and how her experience leading transformations at large enterprises including Nordstrom, Starbucks and Nike led her to Zulily
  • The importance of fixed capacity and creating a generative culture where team members feel they can be honest and supported
  • Value stream mapping and how this can help teams and organizations understand the dynamics of flow to increase the flow of value to customers
  • Helping technology and business leaders understand what the leading indicators of success are and how to track them
  • Tips to practise and adopt OKRs in order to promote learning and improvement

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