Episode 35: Christian Idiodi

About Christian Idiodi

Christian Idiodi


Christian has been a product leader for over 15 years, building teams and developing enterprise and consumer products that have shaped companies such as CareerBuilder and Merrill Corporation as well as clients such as Starbucks, CarMax, and Macy’s.

Christian is passionate about helping companies implement the discipline of product management to build world-class products and new technologies. At CareerBuilder, Christian founded and managed CareerBuilder Institute, the industry’s first combined human capital and consumer training platform, creating a new stream of revenue for the company.

As VP of Enterprise Product at Snagajob, Christian conceptualized a new-to-market solution and led the discovery, development, and successful launch of the ReadyHire business line. He designed and led the B2B product strategy for IdentityForce, a leading provider of identity, privacy, and credit protection for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. He then founded Firtsi, a product consulting company that has overseen the product development lifecycle from ideation to launch for over 120+ new products.

Before joining Silicon Valley Product Group, Christian was the Global Head of Product for Merrill Corporation. Christian built the company’s product organization and led them through a transformational, large-scale industry launch of the first SaaS app for due diligence in the finance industry.

Christian teaches product management and innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He also gives back to his local product community each year by supporting and advising two student-led startups from conceptualization to product delivery.

Christian graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Psychology and Community Building and earned a dual MBA and MPM from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Christian can be contacted at: christian@svpg.com or Twitter @cidiodi

About this episode

In this episode, Mik is joined by Christian Idiodi, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group.

In this episode, Mik and Christian talk about how to establish product management disciplines and other key topics including:

  • Fascinating insights into how Christian got into product management, how he landed within Silicon Valley Product Group and insights about his own career
  • Establishing product management disciplines at multiple levels of the organization and why it is an important catalyst to successful transformations
  • The importance of good leadership and management, and why it’s crucial to establish stable teams that can learn, solve problems and deliver value to the customer
  • Aligning OKR’s with culture and empowering teams to deliver greater value to customers
  • Advice to this generation of leaders on coaching and key cultural initiatives that Christian has seen resonate at large enterprises

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