Episode 25: Rene Te-Strote

About Rene Te-Strote

Rene Te-Strote


Rene has been an IT project manager at BMW Group Central IT for the field of vehicle development in an international environment for 15 years.

In the past, Rene was responsible for projects in DE, USA, China, UK and other countries. The focus is always about implementing complex IT scopes in an agile manner in a multicultural environment around the world with distributed teams and partners. In all of these projects it is crucial that Rene can rely on a very high level of automation as well as data and process consistency.

Based on this experience, Rene has been representing BMW for several years at international events and conferences, presenting the BMW Group as an innovative tech company in an agile world.

In Rene’s current role he is responsible for the IT-side development of the vehicle simulation at BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA) in China.

Über diese Episode

In this episode of Mik + One,  Mik is joined by Rene Te-Strote, Senior IT Project Lead for the BMW Group.

In this episode, Mik and Rene discuss Rene’s contributions to innovate the BMW Group by mixing hardware and software development and other key discussion points including:

  • How Rene started his career in BMW, first working in a production plant and then moving to the IT department
  • Some of the foundational principles Rene applied to innovate and point the organization in the right direction, such as thinking of the entire manufacturing process as a product
  • How Rene accelerated the speed of innovation in an industrial context, and how simulation has become a key part of car manufacturing at BMW Group
  • Where Rene’s high-performance computing clusters are at now
  • Rene’s insights into the next 10 years within the automotive industry

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