Episode 14: Heather Munoz

About Heather Munoz

Heather Munoz

With her extensive experiences in leading Software Development practices for financial technology organizations over the last 25+ years, Heather is passionate about building great teams with strong focus on trust, transparency and changing the way development and product work together.

Today Heather is Head of Retail Brokerage Practice at E*TRADE, holds primary accountability for development activities across all Retail, Mobile and Digital growth initiatives. Currently managing a global team of 750+ Dev, QA and Systems Analysts.

Über diese Episode

In this episode of Mik + One, Mik’s guest is Heather Munoz, Head of Retail Brokerage Practice, E*TRADE.

In this episode, Mik and Heather discuss many topics including:

  • The importance of an effective tool network and how it supports an organization’s value streams
  • Using visualization and data to get people to understand systems thinking approach in order to deliver more value to the customer
  • Thinking in flow metrics and using them to help shift to product thinking
  • Characteristics of a good leader and how showing empathy can lead to greater results

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